Build Me Babe

We are so excited to build you the Unit of your dreams! Please follow the information below to assist you with filling out the form!  I have added examples from our customers build me babe inspiration against the custom built units i have made for them! It is essential to know your exact requirements for an accurate quote. All of our beautiful wigs are Lace fronts with a stretch cap fitted with a sturdy and comfortable adjustable band that keeps your unit snug. 

If your a seasoned wig wearer I'm sure you will know the drill, if its your first time then we know it can seem a lot to take in but we have simplified the process and we will be here to help you every step of the way! 
This is a quote form and we aim to respond with your customised quote within 24-48 hours. If you are happy with your quote and want to go ahead a deposit will be required to secure your build slot and then the final payment will be due upon completion before your unit is shipped out or collected.
All units are strictly non returnable and payments including deposits are non refundable. By Paying a deposit for a unit you are agreeing to go ahead with the build and you are 100% committed. 
What you will need before filing out the Build Me Babe quote form 
  • Tape Measure
  • Inspo Picture for colour
  • Inspo Picture for length

You will not be able to submit this form without this information.

It is essential you measure your head size correctly. Please see our instructional video before you submit your requirements.

Step 1 - Colour, Length, Thickness
Please upload an inspo picture to the form below of the colour you wish your unit to be and then upload a picture to the form of the length you would like it to be. 
The wig length is measures from the crown (top of your head) to the tips of the ends. Use your tape measure to determine the length you would like from the crown of your head.
Please then select the thickness you would like your wig to be on the form. 
The cut is personal to you. We can make the wig as blunt or as layered as you would like. The more layered the wig, the thinner the ends will appear like with natural hair. Wigs look more natural with layering and weight removed around the front. ​ 
Adjustments to length and thickness
When you receive your unit you must check to make sure it fits well before cutting the lace. Once the lace is cut its strictly non returnable. It is like removing a price tag or a hygiene strip. Your wig can always go shorter and more layered if you find its too long and thick. Please don't rush into this as once its gone its gone and would be costly to replace rows of hair on your unit if you regret it. The more layers your wig has the thinner it will feel. Please only have it cut by someone who is experienced - not just a hairdresser but an experienced wig cutter. It is NOT the same as natural hair and we will not be help responsible if you do choose to have it cut shorter or more layered by anyone else but ourselves. Please get in touch if you want the length or cut altering and we will be happy to help. The first adaption is free of charge but anything after that will be chargeable. 

Step 2 - Cap Size, Cap Colour, Cap attachment 
Press play below for instructions on how to measure your head accurately ready for your cap size. You can then select your size from the drop down box on the from. If you are between sizes always go up! If you have natural hair please remember this will also have to fit under the unit so its better to have a little more space and then tighten the unit up with the strap underneath..
Using the tape measure again, measure from side burn to side burn! This measurement goes across the top of your head were your hair line is. This is so i can attach the adjustable band and clips/silicone pads in the right place to suit your hair line. 
The colour of the cap is personal preference - you will not see the cap at all from the outside, only the inside.
The cap attachment will depend on wether you have hair to hide underneath or not. Either way you will have a super snug fit from the hidden band. If you have hair to conceal its best to have clips and combs attached inside to help anchor down your unit. If you are attaching it directly to your scalp the wig will have silicone added inside so you can attach wig tape to keep it laid and slayed! 

Step 3 - Finished Look
The styling can be smooth and straight, flicky ends to show off layers, loose waves, bouncy curls or Hollywood waves.  These styles are not permanent, you can wash and re style your wig as you would your natural hair. 

Information about deposits and payments
Once you have filled in the Order form we will respond ASAP with your quote (usually 24-48 hrs). 
If you are happy with your quote and want to go ahead a deposit of £250 will be required for your unit to be built and a build slot allocation. The rest of the payment will be required when your unit is collected or posted out. 
Please be aware that the units are strictly non returnable and non refundable once the lace has been cut. We are making it especially for your requirements so you must fill in the form accurately for your needs.  We are tailoring every little detail to you to make it the unit of your dreams! 
Quotes will vary based on length, colour and thickness. Some units will not require colour so the quote will be less as it will take less time to make, some units that need colour will be more as it will take additional time to custom colour them. 

Information about bleaching knots
If your unit is dark in colour you may want the knots bleaching for a more natural looking parting. We will make you aware if this is something you need to consider. This is an optional service - it can effect the longevity of the lace frontal and although a lot of wigs have their knots bleached we want to let you know that its at your own risk if you do decide to have them bleached. We will be as careful as possible but cannot guarantee the lace front will last as long as knots that haven't been bleached. Just like natural hair - you can't go from deep dark brunette to bright blonde in one sitting. Below is an example of one of our units before and after having it's knots bleached once. The knots on the "after" picture look lighter but sometimes they can be a tad more orangey as you would expect after putting bleach on dark hair. We then use a secret formula toner to banish the brass ass much as possible. For the knots to become a clean blonde you would have to bleach them further again effecting the life span of the frontal.
Most of the frontal has single knots at the hair line for a more natural effect and they bleach up quicker and easier. Some are double knots which are stronger but more. noticeable and don't tend to bleach well. Any visable around the hair line could be plucked out at your own risk if you desire. 
If your unit is light in colour the knots will already be blonde so this service will not be needed. If your not sure if it will need the knots bleaching or wether the knots would already be blonde (depending on the base your unit is made on) just select not sure. 

Information about when your unit is ready 
We will send you photos of your finished unit when its ready and wait on confirmation from you and then take the rest of the payment before we post it out. We stress that once the wig lace has been cut its strictly non returnable so if you have any problems or queries then do get in touch and we will be happy to help ! 
If you made it this far THANKYOU! It is so important to fill in the form accurately and with confidence so we know exactly what you would like! We can't wait to hear from you!