When you get her home

After care is key to keeping your unit looking and feeling beautiful for as long as possible! Your complete "Wig Bible" aftercare guide will be emailed to you when you purchase your unit but we understand you may want to get a feel for what it takes to care for your unit before purchasing! 
Essential Care Tips
We advise washing your unit attached to a foam head which you can carefully pin on. Do not scrub the hair it will cause knots. Gently smooth the shampoo through the hair and rinse thoroughly. Follow by using conditioner or a mask and comb through with a tangle teaser starting at the ends working your way to the top. Never be heavy handed with your unit. 
Follow by using a leave in conditioner spray and a little oil through the ends. 
Use a towel and gently pat down your unit and hand it to air dry if you have time. Comb the frontal hair all into the parting you require to assist with a natural smooth look. 
Check back for styling tutorials dropping weekly! 
You can blow dry your unit if you dont have time to let it air dry. Use heat protection spray to help the longevity of your unit. 
When you have placed your order your Wig Bible aftercare guide will have all our favourite and trusted products listed for you to use!
Although made to the highest standard shedding on a lace wig cap is inevitable due to the hair being hand tied using a single knot on the mesh. To ensure shedding is kept to a minimum please follow our anti shed care tips. 
Reasons Your Unit could be shedding/ balding and how to keep this to a minimum.
  • Combing with a narrow tooth comb or a hard bristle brush whilst wet - this could snag the hair knots and stitching. 
  • being rough whilst brushing and styling - this could damage the stitching and pull out fragile knots 
  • avoid greasy products are the route area of the wig - this could effect the longevity of the knots
  • brush from tip to root (bottom to top) never top to bottom - brushing from top to bottom will be too harsh. 
  • scrubbing the hair together in the sink or shower when washing - this can knot the hair and cause damage to the lace
  • avoid scratching scalp through unit -  it can damage the knots and stitching.
  • avoid lots of hairspray and styling products -  this will mean you will have to wash your unit more frequently