Sophie♡ - Long Bob


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Get to know her 

Colour - Custom light brown root shadow on baby blonde base Knots are blonde.

Colours may vary slightly when i re create the ready to build range as i am hand painting the hair for every unit although we aim to get it as like for like as possible. 

Length - 12" (measured from crown)

Thickness - Customisable (Picture is "full")

Size - Small 20" Small 21" Medium 22" Large 23" L+ 24" with an adjustable band

Attachment method

Attachments inside will vary based on what you will be attaching your wig to - wether it be bio hair, some bio hair or directly to your scalp. Upon purchase i will contact you to confirm exactly how you would like your attachments as this is personal to each individual. 

Ready to build -

Please allow up to 14 days plus special delivery next day post for build/colour. We aim to get them made as quickly as possible but have to allow for materials arriving to us in the post before we start making. 

Lace Front Style

From the outside they look pretty similar but we understand everyone has different needs. All of our lace fronts are transparent lace

I can offer 2 styles of lace closure wigs. The first style lace closure wig has a 4” wide parting so if you always want a set parting eg middle only or side only and you have no interest in changing it up then this is perfect ! Alternatively i can offer a 6” wide area of lace closure if you wanted a little more flexibility with your parting. Closure wigs are easier to wear as they grip onto your head better and you don’t have to spray/ glue the front down. You can do a low pony style but thats about it for style variation. Closure wigs are longer lasting as they have less hand knotted hairs and a smaller area of lace. 

A frontal wig has a hairline from ear to ear so it mimics our own. They are great if you want to wear a 1/2 up style, switch parting anywhere you want or low pony. Frontals can be made to fit with no gluing down but some people find them a little but harder to work with.  We do believe the frontal style is best “glued” down for best results by spraying the lace around the hair with “got2beglued” hair spray. Frontals can wear a little quicker as they have a lot more delicate hand knotted hairs!

If its a first time wig we personally think closures are easier to wear but less flexible with styles/ partings. If you want the option of some hair clipped back, 1/2 up half down or prefer to have the hair line visible from ear to ear then your best going with a lace frontal. All Wig styles take some  practice to fit but the results are so natural when you get the hang of it.

If you would this unit custom made for you with a length or colour variation then please fill in the build me babe form  with your exact requirements by clicking here!