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The basics explained

What is the difference between a topper and a wig?

A wig is full coverage so it covers entire head.If you want a complete change of look or you have a vast amount of hair loss a wig would be most suitable. 

A Topper is partial coverage and is smaller than a wig. It only covers the parting and top of your head and is made to blend with bio hair under. They are ideal for thinning top sections or patches of hair loss. Toppers are made to blend with your bio hair underneath so they must be similar in colour to your natural hair. 

Difference between Lace Top and Silk Top

Lace top wigs have hairs delicately knotted into the top section to make it look like scalp against our skin. These knots are very small but visible when you look up close. The lace is transparent so it blends into the scalp and can look very realistic. The lace tops we offer have a hair line that runs from ear to ear making 1/2 up styles possible. They are complete with ear tabs meaning no glueing necessary! The density of our lace top wigs are very natural looking. If you have finer natural hair this will be closest to what you are used to. 

Silk Top wigs have hair injected into silk so it looks like hair coming out of a scalp. No knots are visible as they are disguised between layers of silk. There is usually a small lip at the front of the wig. The silk top wigs are more hard waring versus the more fragile lace tops. Silk top wigs are very dense. If you like a lot of hair on your wig then this style will be more to your liking. The silk tops are so dense that we usually advise a fringe/ side fringe/ sweeping bangs to take away some weight around the front. 

All the toppers listed will be silk top. 

How do I measure For a Wig?

Use flexible tape for an accurate measurement. Start from centre of your forehead around your hairline area. Wrap tape measure following hairline area around to nape of neck and then back up around (where an Alice band would lie.) The wigs are stretchy and can shrink or expand so if you are a half size eg 21.5 inches you would be ok with a 21" or 22". If you have a lot of natural hair to disguise underneath I would size up. 

How do I measure for a topper? 

The toppers I offer are various sizes and choosing one will depend on the coverage you want . Find the centre point of the top of your head with a soft tape measure. If the topper is listen as 8"x8" this will span 4" each side of the top of our head. If it is listen as 6" x6" then it is 3" each side of the top of your head. Make sure there is hair around the edges of this area to anchor down. It is advised to go a few inches larger than your hair loss area so they don't land on thin or weak areas.

How do I choose a length ?

Use a flexible tape measure. Start at the top of head measure down. Please do not base what you want from  hair extension extension lengths you have previously worn as the wig lengths will come up shorter. For toppers you can usually get away with 2-4” longer than your natural hair. 

How do I choose a colour?

Please contact me if you need some help but I cannot guarantee a perfect match. Unfortunately I will never be able to capture a hairs exact colour on the camera. Lighting can play a massive part in displaying colours eg daylight, indoor light, flash/no flash. I will display the wigs on thew website as best as possible but please understand it may appear different in person. 

Although I do my best to display true colours you should expect it could look a little different in real life

Glue or tape down?

The toppers are clip on only. For the wigs they can be worn glueless with the addition of the adjustable band and/or wig grip. Glue/ tape may be necessary with certain head shapes. If you want to make sure it won't budge all day then you can use got2be glued hair spray or tape on the lace at the front. 

Do I have to wear a wig cap?

A wig cap will make the parting look more like a scalp if you have darker hair under the wig. If you have lighter bio hair or you have minimal no no hair you wouldn't need to wear one unless you prefer to for more comfortable wear. You could uses scaraway tape under part line if you prefer to not wear a cap but want the pale scalp line illusion. 

Cutting the lace

As they are lace tops it is very easy - you simply cut straight across close to hair line. Do not cut into the knots ... once they are gone they are gone! If you want me to do it before it ships just let me know.

How Long will my wig last?

This is heavily based on the at home care of the wig. The wis have the potential to last up to 12 months if cared for correctly. Just like natural hair it will damage with excessive heat. It will become dry and tangles and also discolour if It has too much heat used and no good care products are used. 

Changing the colour 

This is completely at your own risk as extension hair is very temperamental to colour

No bleaching -  The hair has already been processed and can damage easily with more bleach.

Can i walk in to try on a Wig?

I am only accepting medical hair loss customers to try on at this time due to the current Pandemic and following hygiene regulations. We will not be offering a walk in and try on service for any other purpose at this time. 


Wearing your Wig / Topper

Adjustments to length and thickness

When you receive your unit you must check to make sure it fits well cutting the lace. Once the lace is cut its strictly non returnable. It is like removing a price tag or a hygiene strip. Your wig can always go shorter and more layered if you find its too long and thick. Please don't rush into this as once its gone its gone and would be costly to replace rows of hair on your unit if you regret it. The more layers your wig has the thinner it will feel. Please only have it cut by someone who is experienced - not just a hairdresser but an experienced wig cutter. It is NOT the same as natural hair and we will not be help responsible if you do choose to have it cut shorter or more layered by anyone else but ourselves. Please get in touch if you want the length or cut altering and we will be happy to help. The first adaption is free of charge but anything after that will be chargeable.

What do i do when i get my wig?

You must not cut off the lace until you have tried the wig on and ensured it fits correctly. Once you are happy you can then proceed to cut the lace off carefully. The Lace will be left on the unit for you to remove to show it is a brand new unit made for you. Please click here for an instructional video of how to cut off the lace. 

How often can i wear my wig/ How long will it last?

You can wear it as often as you like. We don't recommend sleeping in it and if you do its at your own risk. It could damage the knots on the frontal and cause them to shed and cause it to knot. The less you wear it the longer it will last which is standard for any kind of hair extensions. The more frequently you wear it and use heated tools the quicker the hair will age. The hair we used is highest quality human remy hair so will have an average 9-12 months life span if cared for correctly.

Can i wear it in a pony tail?

You can wear your unit in a low pony tail. You will not be able to do a high pony without exposing the wig underneath. You will be able to do a 1/2 up style as it is with a lace frontal but if you choose a closure wig a 1/2 up wont be possible. We will be launching full lace wigs soon so you will be able to wear these units in a high pony! 

How does it stay on?

The unit will be secured using the adjustable band method. You will then have the option of clips and combs (for attaching to natural hair) or silicone strips (so you can attach to your scalp).

Can i apply heat to my wig / topper to re style?

Absolutely! Just bare in mind its real hair. The more heat you use the more you can damage those ends. Excessive heat can also discolour the hair so please be careful. The wigs should hold their style for a few days so try not to over do the heat. We will not be held responsible for damage due to excessive heat. 

Can i sew my wig onto braids?

You can but at your own risk! But please be aware we don't advise sleeping in the unit due to potential damage. If you do have it sewn on its at your own risk so please be careful. 

What do i do if i have natural hair to hide underneath?

You can braid your natural hair so it is flat and under control to conceal under the wig. You will be provided with a wig cap to help keep your natural hair at bay. 

Please click here for our What Wig tutorial for advise on how to hide your natural hair.


Caring for your alternative hair

Do i need to wash my wig?

Not that often! Only if you have a product build up from hairspray or oil. Usually once a month is plenty.

What products are best to use on my wig?

Don't touch her with any drug store products! We recommend salon quality products to care for your unit. Click here for our recommendations.

What brushes are best to use on my wig?

Soft bristle brushes are best for brushing through your unit! They are gentle to the stitching. Don't use combs on the knots it may create bald patches.

What do i do with my wig when i take it off?

We will soon be retailing stands for your unit for at home when its taking a break from making you look fabulous. You can also purchase a block head for styling at home!


Shedding is inevitable with alternative hair. It is more common with the lace style constructions due to the very delicate nature of the knotting process. Each hair is knotted on one by one and over time the knots can loosen and shed. This is usually in the parting area or at the hairline. If this happens it does not by any means have to be the end of your wig or topper. You can get the area of shedding re filled by a wig maker and we can recommend some brilliant UK specialists. The area can be re filled and the wig or topper will look as good as new. 

Tips to help keep shedding to a minimum 

  • Avoid Combing with a narrow tooth comb or a hard bristle brush whilst wet - this could snag the hair knots and stitching. Stick to soft bristle brushes only.
  • Being rough whilst brushing and styling can pull the hair out. Please support the hair whilst brushing.
  • Brush from tip to root (bottom to top) never top to bottom - brushing from top to bottom to de tangle knots will be too harsh.
  • Avoid greasy products are the route area of the wig like oils and conditioning masks - this could effect the longevity of the knots. Only use these products mid lengths to ends.
  • Avoid Scrubbing the hair together in the sink or shower when washing - this can knot the hair and cause damage to the lace. You should only smooth product through the hair - no need to scrub. 
  • Avoid scratching the scalp through your wig -  it can damage/loosen the knots and stitching. Try patting the area instead. 
  • Avoid lots of hairspray and styling products -  this will mean you will have to wash your unit more frequently. The less you wash your wig/topper the longer it will last.



How can i pay for my wig?

You can pay card at checkout. You can also pay with klana or laybuy to spread the cost. We currently do not offer any other pay later style options. 

VAT Exemption

Please see our VAT exemption page

NHS Vouchers/ Medical Discount

We are working hard to become an NHS voucher centre for our wigs and toppers. For now we are unable to accept vouchers but we hope to introduce this in the near future. 

International Orders

Please expect to pay customs fees on international orders. We are based in the Uk so all packages leaving the country will have a customs declaration form filled out to the correct value of the wig for insurance purposes. We will not be held responsible to pay customs fees.