We Aim to be as informative as possible throughout our website. Please see our FAQs for help and advise about our service. 
What is a 13 x 4 Lace Frontal wig?
A 13 x 4 lace frontal wig is Wig with a natural looking hair line from ear to ear mimicking hair coming from your scalp. Each hair has been knotted into the lace to give the most natural look. You can part the frontal anywhere you like without seeing any give aways! This means you can wear it half up or some pinned back. it has a realistic part backwards of 4" deep which means from the front of the hairline directly backwards giving a realistic appearance. The back of the wig is built on a comfortable stretchy cap that has rows of hair sewn on to create the length and thickness you desire. Lace frontal wigs are usually best glued/ sprayed down with "got2beglued" hair spray. Lace front wigs are a bit more advanced to fit at home because of this. 
What is a 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 closure wig?
Closure wigs are easier to fit as there is more wig cap and less lace which means it grips your head better. They don't need spraying down. I offer 4" x 4" if you only want one parting. If you want the flexibility of changing up the parting but dont want to worry about spraying or glueing the front down we would advise a 6" x 6" closure style wig. You can still wear this wig in a low ponytail.
Can i get a custom made wig?
YASSS! Fill in our Build Me Babe quote form to give us your exact specifications for your custom build. 
What colours are available?
As T.I. once said ... You can have whatever you like. Send us your inspo picture on the Build Me Babe form for a quote on your perfect colour. 
How much does a wig cost?
The wigs range in price depending on what is involved in the building and colour process as well as the materials needed to create your dream unit. Shorter more natural wigs will be less expensive, longer thicker units will be more expensive. Some Units will require no colour or minimal colouring, some units require a lot of work. Fill in the Build Me Babe quote form to find out your exact specification cost or take a look at our Ready To Build shop for an idea of cost of our permanent collection.
How long will my wig take to make once i have paid my deposit?
Once you have paid your deposit for your build slot we aim to have your wig ready in 14  working days plus delivery time.
Im scared the wig wont fit?
We have provided an informative size guide tutorial to make sure you know how to measure your head correctly. You must be extra careful inputting your size before making your order. If you need any more help after watching the size guide video then please get in touch! The great thing about our stretch caps is that they do exactly that. The stretch a little bigger if required and you can also tighten them up smaller if required by using the adjustable band provided. 
This is my first wig and I'm not sure how it works?
We understand it can be a lot to take in! But we hope we have made the options available clear and helpful. You can buy a Ready To Wear unit on our online shop, You can fill in the Build Me Babe form for a free quote for a bespoke build or you can book an in salon consultation with Hollie for a more personal experience. 
Can i walk in to try on a Wig?
Due to the current Pandemic and following hygiene regulations we will not be offering a walk in and try on service at this time. 
Building Your Custom Unit
I chose for my wig to come curly, can i straighten it?
Of course! you can re style your unit to your liking as its human hair. Please be aware heat can damage the hair so keep it to a minimum. 
How do i measure my head size?
We have made a size guide tutorial video for you! Click here to view!
What is a cap?
A cap is what the wig is built on. It is stretch and comfortable to wear. 
What is an adjustable band?
An adjustable band is provided with every unit. They are an absolute game changer for a snug fit! The band comes under the unit from behind your ears and anchors it down comfortably. It is adjustable so you can make it tighter or looser.
What if my wig is too big/small?
If you follow our size guide accuratley this should not be an issue. Don't worry if its a little big or small though.. simply adjust your strap tighter or looser to your own personal preference. 
Can i change my mind on specifications after filling out the build me babe form?
If you haven't paid a deposit you can get as many various quotes as you wish by using the online form. If you decide you wanted to alter e.g.. the length, colour, thickness then you will have to fill out a fresh form. Even the smallest of changed could make a difference to the overall build time and cost. 
Wearing your unit
Adjustments to length and thickness
When you receive your unit you must check to make sure it fits well cutting the lace. Once the lace is cut its strictly non returnable. It is like removing a price tag or a hygiene strip. Your wig can always go shorter and more layered if you find its too long and thick. Please don't rush into this as once its gone its gone and would be costly to replace rows of hair on your unit if you regret it. The more layers your wig has the thinner it will feel. Please only have it cut by someone who is experienced - not just a hairdresser but an experienced wig cutter. It is NOT the same as natural hair and we will not be help responsible if you do choose to have it cut shorter or more layered by anyone else but ourselves. Please get in touch if you want the length or cut altering and we will be happy to help. The first adaption is free of charge but anything after that will be chargeable. 
What do i do when i get my wig?
You must not cut off the lace until you have tried the wig on and ensured it fits correctly. Once you are happy you can then proceed to cut the lace off carefully. The Lace will be left on the unit for you to remove to show it is a brand new unit made for you. Please click here for an instructional video of how to cut off the lace. 
How often can i wear my wig/ How long will it last?
You can wear it as often as you like. We don't reccomend sleeping in it and if you do its at your own risk. It could damage the knots on the frontal and cause them to shed and cause it to knot. The less you wear it the longer it will last which is standard for any kind of hair extensions. The more frequently you wear it and use heated tools the quicker the hair will age. The hair we used is highest quality human remy hair so will have an average 9-12 months life span if cared for correctly. 
How do i cut the lace?
Please click here for our lace cutting tutorial. 
How do i make my wig look natural?
Please click here for our "What Wig" tutorial.
Can i change the colour my wig?
We don't advise colouring your wig. We have coloured your unit to your exact requirements. Altering the colour is at your own risk and we can not be help responsible for any damage caused to the unit due to further colouring. If you need your wig colour topping up please get in touch for a quote.
Can i wear it in a pony tail?
You can wear your unit in a low pony tail. You will not be able to do a high pony without exposing the wig underneath. You will be able to do a 1/2 up style as it is with a lace frontal but if you choose a closure wig a 1/2 up wont be possible. We will be launching full lace wigs soon so you will be able to wear these units in a high pony! 
Click here to see our styling tips video. 
How does it stay on?
The unit will be secured using the adjustable band method. You will then have the option of clips and combs (for attaching to natural hair) or silicone strips (so you can attach to your scalp).
Can i apply heat to my unit to re style?
Absolutely! Just bare in mind its real hair. The more heat you use the more you can damage those ends. Excessive heat can also discolour the hair so please be careful. The wigs should hold their style for a few days so try not to over do the heat. We will not be held responsible for damage due to excessive heat. 
Can i sew my wig onto braids?
You can but at your own risk! But please be aware we don't advise sleeping in the unit due to potential damage. If you do have it sewn on its at your own risk so please be careful. 
Can i glue it on?
Yes you can! If you plan on whipping that unit round all night then you can glue it down for extra safety. We will link a tutorial on how to do this soon. 
Can i wear it glueless?
YES for our closure wigs. Our closure wigs are designed to be glueless thanks to the adjustable band but frontals do usually need to be sprayed down.
How do i tape my wig on?
If you need to tape your wig to your scalp then you can have silicone pads added inside the unit ready for the wig tape to be applied. We will up uploading a tutorial on how to do this soon. 
What do i do if i have natural hair to hide underneath?
You can braid your natural hair so it is flat and under control to conceal under the wig. You will be provided with a wig cap to help keep your natural hair at bay. 
Please click here for our What Wig tutorial for advise on how to hide your natural hair.
Caring for your unit
Do i need to wash my wig?
Not that often! Only if you have a product build up from hairspray or oil. Usually once a month is plenty.
What products are best to use on my wig?
Don't touch her with any drug store products! We recommend salon quality products to care for your unit. Click here for our recommendations. 
What brushes are best to use on my wig?
Soft bristle brushes are best for brushing through your unit! They are gentle to the stitching. Don't use combs on the knots it may create bald patches.
What do i do with my wig when i take it off?
We will soon be retailing stands for your unit for at home when its taking a break from making you look fabulous. You can also purchase a block head for styling at home! 
Reasons Your Unit could be shedding/ balding and how to keep this to a minimum.
  • Combing with a narrow tooth comb or a hard bristle brush whilst wet - this could snag the hair knots and stitching. 
  • being rough whilst brushing and styling - this could damage the stitching and pull out fragile knots 
  • avoid greasy products are the route area of the wig - this could effect the longevity of the knots
  • brush from tip to root (bottom to top) never top to bottom - brushing from top to bottom will be too harsh. 
  • scrubbing the hair together in the sink or shower when washing - this can knot the hair and cause damage to the lace
  • avoid scratching scalp through unit -  it can damage the knots and stitching.
  • avoid lots of hairspray and styling products -  this will mean you will have to wash your unit more frequently
Ready To Build
How long will my wig take to arrive if i purchase from the Ready To Build Shop?
It takes up to 14 days for us to order materials, build , colour cut and style your new unit. We will post your Ready To Build unit out on special delivery to ensure it gets to you ASAP! 



How can i pay for my wig?
You can pay via PayPal, Card, or Bank Transfer. You can also pay with klana to spread the cost! 
Can i cancel my order after paying a deposit?
No. Your deposit covers the allocated build slot for your unit plus goes towards some of the cost of materials purchased. Deposits are strictly non refundable or transferable. Please ensure you are 100% happy to go ahead before sending a deposit or paying for your ready to wear unit. 
Upon completion (if you have had a custom build) or once you have purchased from our online ready to wear shop all units will be sent by special delivery to ensure they get to you as quickly as possible.