Aftercare Guide

 Thank you so much for purchasing your Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie Wig! 

Please check everything is looking perfect and you are completely happy with your unit upon arrival. If you have any questions or need any help please check out our very useful FAQ page. If your query cannot be answered from the FAQ page then please get in touch right away. 

The Aftercare guide is here for you to be confident and comfortable with your wig - everything you need to know in one place. 

Recommended Products

We recommend you use our WIG LOVE range to maintain your wig to the highest standard. 

Products in our collection include  

  • WIG LOVE Shampoo
  • WIG LOVE Deep Nourishing Mask
  • WIG LOVE Argan Oil
  • WIG LOVE Leave in Elixir 
  • WIG LOVE Shake and Shield heat protector 
  • WIG LOVE Glass Finish shine spray 

It is essential that you use a soft bristle brush. Any other kind of brush is too harsh for the wig and could cause premature shedding. 

Other Recommended brands/products  -

  • Moroccan Oil hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner/Mask/oil
  • Olaplex Shampoo/Conditioner/no8 mask/oil 
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime range or Resistance Range for Shampoo and conditioner
  • Beauty Works dry oil spray/ Kevin Murphy young again dry conitioner 

Lace Cutting

Please bare the following information in mind before removing tags and lace - 

We send the the wigs out with lace still intact on the front for when you try the wig on. Please try it on with no makeup on the forehead. If you decide you are happy with the wig and remove the tags and lace this makes the wig non returnable and non refundable. 

If you have decided you are keeping the wig you have purchased and you are preparing to cut the lace please follow the next steps. This can be done on your head if you are confident with this or alternatively off the head if you are newer to removing lace.

Clip all hair line hair back and out the way of the lace

Using a small and sharp pair of scissors follow the hair line leaving a couple of mm between the cut and the hair line.

It is best to do it bit by bit. This process should not be rushed. If you cut into the knots you will loose hair from the hair line.  

If you can see the lace rolling up a little when you try it back on you may need to take away a tiny bit more lace so it sits completely flat.  


Inside your unit you will have an adjustable band and combs.

If you have bio (natural) hair then you will have small clips attached to the side burns to keep them secure. A wig grip band is also advised for helping the wig feel secure during wear. 

If you don’t have bio hair then you can remove the clips on the ear tabs. To wear clueless we would advise wearing a wig grip band for maximum security. Alternatively if you would prefer to glued method you can use got2be glued hair spray or wig tape for sticking down the hairline. 

 Be careful not to put the wig grip band on too tight as it can give you a head ache! It will make the wig feel a little smaller/ tighter  when it is worn. 

We advise against the use of tape as it can disrupt the knots and cause the wig to shed. If you feel you need to use it then please be as careful and gentle as possible. To remove the tape use acetone or alcohol gel on a cotton bud to help clean the lace ready for new tape. 


You only need to wash your wig when it has a lot of product build up on eg oil and hairspray, or if it is feeling dry and in need of moisture. They won’t get greasy like natural hair at the root so you only need to be washing it once every 4-6 weeks.

The wig is made from extension hair and has been pre coloured. Just like our own hair it can fade over time. Over-washing will speed up this process and will cause the wig to discolour quicker.

We have launched our Wig - Specific aftercare range to help maintain your new hair to the highest standard. WIG LOVE has been designed to gently cleanse and nourish your wigs and toppers. Shop the range here.

Colours/ Toning

Human hair wigs are only to be coloured at your own risk and void any manufacturer guarantee. It may affect the hair condition and damage them causing knotting and dryness. 
If you want to tone the hair yourself (again at your own risk) be careful when using silver shampoo. The extension/wig hair can grab VERY quickly. They can go from 0 to blue/silver really quick.
Bleaching can expose unwanted undertones as the wigs are coloured with fabric dye at the factory so do not react like natural human hair to bleach. Altering the colour of your wig will always be done at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for the condition of the wig if it deteriorates after colour changes and toners. 

You can wash your unit attached to a wig block head and carefully pin it on. DO NOT pin through the lace as you may cause tears and shedding if pulled. Only pin through the back of the unit were the stretchy cap is. If you don’t have a foam head or wig block head then hold the wig from the inside of the cap. Don’t hold it by the lace as it may stretch the lace or tear it.

If you don’t have a wig block head to wash it on then put one hand inside and use it as a base. Using your other hand or with someone else helping you can shampoo and condition. 

Do not scrub the hair as it will cause knotting. Do not scrub at the knots as this will cause shedding. Gently smooth the shampoo through the hair and rinse thoroughly. It will clean the hair enough just rinsing the shampoo through. We scrub our scalps to remove build up and this is not necessary on a wig cap.

Follow by using conditioner or a mask and brush through the mid length and ends with a tangle teaser or soft bristle brush only starting at the ends working your way to the top. Never be heavy handed with your unit. Never use a fine tooth comb to brush out the hair as it will cause snapping and potentially catch on the knots or stitching and cause it to shed.

You will feel like it takes a long time to completely remove all shampoo and conditioner so when you think you are done give it another minute or so of rinsing to be sure. Extension hair really does hold onto the product.

Use a towel and gently pat down your unit Do not rub it excessively as this will cause knotting.

Follow by using a leave in conditioner spray and a little oil through the ends.  Carefully brush the frontal hair all into the parting you require to assist with a natural smooth look if your parting has changed whilst washing. Remember a slightly messier parting is more forgiving than a perfectly straight part!

Beware of make up transfer on the lace! Once the lace is clogged with makeup it will look a lot more obvious. Use warm water and shampoo to gently cleanse this area if required. Fresh lace is invisible lace! 


If you don’t have time to air dry then you can blow dry your wig. It will be easier if you have a wig block head and a stand (you can find them on amazon) and you can use a round brush and the hair dryer on a medium heat setting. Do no direct the nozzle directly at the hair as this will burn the hair and shorten the life span of the wig. Make sure you set it in the parting you want it to be in for when you wear it. If you get it a little off you can wet it back down and re part.  You may notice some shorter hairs that try and spike up. These are called the “returns”. A little hairspray will encourage these to stay down and under control. 


Always use a heat protector before applying heat. Just like natural hair the wig will age quickly and dry out if you use a lot of heat. Try and keep heat styling to a minimum – once or twice a week should be enough as the style will hold well on the extension hair for a few 


Life Span

If you are washing your wig once a month the hair has the potential to last 12+ months if you are caring for it correctly as it is luxury hair. You may need trims over time to freshen up the ends as they will become split and dry with heat. 

Help with Shedding

Please be as gentle as possible when dealing with the lace area of your wig. Shedding is inevitable with alternative hair. It is more common with the lace style constructions due to the very delicate nature of the knotting process. Customers will usually need an infill after around 6 months with heavy wear. Each hair is knotted on one by one and over time the knots can loosen and shed. This is usually in the parting area or at the hairline. If this happens it does not by any means have to be the end of your wig or topper. You can get the area of shedding re filled by a wig maker and we can recommend some brilliant UK specialists. The area can be re filled and the wig or topper will look as good as new. 

Tips to help keep shedding to a minimum 

  • Avoid Combing with a narrow tooth comb or a hard bristle brush whilst wet - this could snag the hair knots and stitching. Stick to soft bristle brushes only.
  • Being rough whilst brushing and styling can pull the hair out. Please support the hair whilst brushing.
  • Brush from tip to root (bottom to top) never top to bottom - brushing from top to bottom to de tangle knots will be too harsh.
  • Avoid greasy products are the route area of the wig like oils and conditioning masks - this could effect the longevity of the knots. Only use these products mid lengths to ends.
  • Avoid Scrubbing the hair together in the sink or shower when washing - this can knot the hair and cause damage to the lace. You should only smooth product through the hair - no need to scrub. 
  • Avoid scratching the scalp through your wig -  it can damage/loosen the knots and stitching. Try patting the area instead. 
  • Avoid lots of hairspray and styling products -  this will mean you will have to wash your unit more frequently. The less you wash your wig/topper the longer it will last.

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Thanks so much for your purchase! I wish you lots of love and happiness with your beautiful new wig! 

Love Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie xxx