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Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie

Knot Blur Pen (Limited Edition)

Knot Blur Pen (Limited Edition)

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Knot today lace wig knots 👋🏽 

 Introducing our revolutionary new product that will change your lace top wig wearing forever. These pens are designed specifically to help hide and reduce the visibility of knots on wigs, giving them a more natural and seamless appearance.

The Knot Blur pen comes with a specialized formula that is safe to use on human hair wigs. It features a fine-tip applicator, allowing for precise application directly onto the knots. Our Knot blur pen will vanish away darker knots to make a bolder cleaner looking part line giving a more realistic look. 

To use the pen, you simply apply a small amount onto the knots of the wig, focusing on the areas where the knots are most visible. The results are instant. The knots will be less noticeable, and your wig will look even more natural. 

Top up when needed - especially after washing. 

I hope this helps you find the perfect solution for covering knots on your wig! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

We know you will love this product as much as we do but it will be strictly non returnable once used. 

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