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Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie

Lacey - Luxury Silk Topper

Lacey - Luxury Silk Topper

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Product Specifics

Colour - chocolate brown with highlights 

Total Length - please select from options in drop down box 

Tips for choosing the right length for you.

Just volume - Enhance your bio/natural hair by choosing a length similar.

Length gain and volume - Switch up your look by choosing a length 2-4” longer than your natural/bio hair. This is best achieved when your ends of you bio hair are finer. If you have a blunt cut it may be harder to blend a longer topper unless you are happy to maintain a curled style. 

For best results use a flexible tape measure and hold the 0” end around your parting area and then let the tape measure hang down to measure the length of your natural/bio hair.

Cap coverage - please select from options in drop down box

Density - 130% - Natural thickness

Attachment - Clip on/ clip off

 Silk Toppers

Are you looking for alternative hair that features an incredibly realistic parting, velvety soft and natural looking? Let me introduce you to my Luxury Silk Toppers.

 To provide the ultimate silk topper we felt it needed to be comfortable, flat to the head and be available in wearable fashionable colour options and lengths. Most importantly, we wanted to make you feel super confident - the best version of yourself!

 Our Luxury silk toppers are hand tied featuring 3 layers of silk on the top. The individual strands of hair are carefully injected through the silk to make it look just like natural hair coming from a scalp. The silk toppers are smooth to the head whilst giving beautiful volume. Silk toppers are known for being thicker on top than lace toppers so if you prefer a fuller look then this style is for you! Change up the parting with ease for different looks by wetting the top down and re sectioning. You can then blow dry the new parting in by directing the air flow over the new part.

 The Back of the topper features a soft and stretchy closed cap for a snug and comfortable fit. The cap features a slide grip at the front and pressure sensitive clips are pre attactched around the perimeter of the piece to anchor it down securely. No more worrying about slipping or shifting on your day to day tasks!

 The cap size will be displayed below. Toppers are best for partial coverage. For full head coverage please see our luxury lace and silk top wigs. The best way to check if the cap size will work for you is to use a flexible soft tape measure and measure front to back and then across your head side to side. Eg if the cap is 8x8 measure 8” back from your hairline - find 4” and then measure across from side to side to get a realistic idea of size. Please ensure you have plenty of bio hair around the perimeter of the cap to clip on to. The last thing we want is for the piece to be clipped onto fragile or sparse areas.

 We have sourced the silkiest and highest grade human hair of brazillian origin for our alternative hair pieces. Our customers are always so impressed with the luxury feel. This means you can treat it as you would your own - curl, straighten, wave.. whatever your vibe is! Top care tip - for the best longevity always use heat protection spray before heat styling!

 Silk toppers are suitable for many needs including - covering thinning areas on the top of your head, changing up your colour, adding more volume to your natural hair. For best results sit it slightly back from your hairline and gently brush (with a soft bristle brush) your natural hair up and into the topper hair for a blended look.

 Pretty little wigs by hollie aim to make your alternative hair buying experience so easy and enjoyable that you feel totally excited for the experience. Select your perfect piece, check out and then wait for your little box of happiness to arrive in the post with special next day delivery.  The silk toppers will be tagged for you to try on, if it is love at first sight then you can cut it off and begin wearing her with pride or alternatively if she isn’t right for you then pop her back in the box in a saleable condition with tags in tact and return for a full refund minus the 5% return fee.

 If you have any aftercare or general questions please check out the FAQ page .. there are loads of helpful tips and tricks on there!

 Happy shopping my Alternative Hair Queens xxx


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