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Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie

Velvet Topper Grip

Velvet Topper Grip

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Product Specifics

Grip and go with our luxury velvet topper grip band! 

Ideal for securing your topper in place without using clips or combs. If you wear your topper frequently and worry about the clips in your topper attaching to fragile/fine hair it will give your hair a total break whilst using it. 

  • Soft to your skin -  Our luxury wig grip headband is made of velvet material that will be kind to your scalp or fragile bio hair. 
  • Anti slip technology - the velvet locks the topper into place to stop any movement.
  • Discrete - small coverage undetectable wear under all topper sizes
  • Adjustable for optimal comfort- It can be adjusted to match for your head size.
  • Versatile for all - for use with and without bio hair. 
Directions for use 

1. Put your bio hair into a low pony tail.

2. Try the luxury topper grip on to get a feel for the size (ribbon hooks facing up). If it needs to be made tighter you can adjust it until it feels snug. Do not make it tight as you will get a head ache.

3. Once the perfect size for you has been found remove the topper grip and proceed to clip your topper on to the top grip. If possible clip the clips on your topper into the ribbon hooks. If you ribbon hooks do not line up you may need to move the ribbon hooks or move your topper clips to suit. The topper grips are versatile for all base sizes so may not always line up perfectly with your base.

4. Once secured put your topper on with the luxury topper grip attached inside. Let down your pony tail when the topper is sitting in your desired place.


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