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Pretty Little Wigs By Hollie

WIG LOVE Shampoo

WIG LOVE Shampoo

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Introducing our WIG LOVE Shampoo, a specially formulated solution designed to cleanse, revitalize, and maintain the natural beauty of your wigs and toppers. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this gentle shampoo effectively removes build-up, leaving your wig looking refreshed and vibrant. Ideal for human hair wigs and toppers, our formula preserves the integrity of strands, ensuring a longer-lasting, salon-quality finish. Treat your wig to the care it deserves with our WIG LOVE Shampoo– the perfect solution for a clean, silky-smooth result every time.


Directions for use

Once the wig/topper has been fully wet down squeeze away excess water and start smoothing the shampoo through the wig. Use stroking motions to gently cleanse the hair. When washing the lace top area be extremely gentle - no rubbing or scrubbing as this could loosen the knots. Gently massage into the lace hairline to remove any makeup build up. Rinse thoroughly. 

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